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Sunday, October 25, 2020

New Producer Registration

Before you can send pigs to market in Ontario, you will have to register as pork producer. Registering as a producer with Ontario Pork will automoatically register you for a premises ID and create an account with the national traceability program, PigTrace. 

Ontario Pork’s Industry and Member Services department will help you navigate each step - just give us a call to get started.

Registering as a producer with Ontario Pork

Ontario Pork has two categories of producers based on the number of pigs you plan to raise. Fill out the form that fits the size of your operation. 

Return form to, or call Member Services at 1-877-668-7675 ext. 1220 to register. It takes about 10 minutes over the phone.


Applying for a Premises Identification (PID) from Ontario’s Provincial Premises Registry

What is premises identification?  Premises identification is the assignment of a unique identification number to a parcel of land where livestock or poultry may be located. Premises identification connects animal traceability to geographic locations. This information is needed when you report movements to PigTrace.


Registering with PigTrace

PigTRACE is an industry-led, live animal traceability initiative designed to ensure protection, prosperity and peace of mind for the Canadian pork industry and its customers. By law, you must report when pigs arrive and leave your farm (PID). 

Identifying your pigs

All pigs need an indentification number for traceability purposes.  Producers can either tag or tattoo their animals. Learn more about tagging and tattooing here

  • Buying tags - Smaller-scale producers generally find tagging to be the more affordable and easier method. You can buy tags via your account on the PigTrace website or by calling Ontario Pork.  
  • Herd mark tattoo – Commercial producers can register a tattoo to their farm by contacting Ontario Pork. Ontario Pork also sells tattoo hammers and digits. 

Contact Ontario Pork Member Services:

  • Mail: Ontario Pork, 655 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON N1G 5G6
  • Phone: 1-877-668-7675 ext. 1220
  • Fax: 519 829 1769
  • Email:

Small Producer Manual

Whether you have two, 20, or 200 pigs in Ontario, it is important to be aware of the management and welfare requirements of the swine industry. Also of the traceability requirements for movement of animals between farms and to slaughter.

Even if this is not your first time raising pigs, you may still have questions about their feeding, management, health, government regulations or mandatory requirements for raising pigs in Ontario.

Ontario Pork has complied a how-to-guide to help small scale producers or hobby farmers raising pigs in Ontario. This guide is intended for those raising weaned pigs through growing and finishing to slaughter weight, but does not contain information on the management of sows, breeding or farrowing.